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On-Demand Proctoring & Invigilation Services by OkayGo​

Pan-India Presence | Plug-and-Play Model | Screened & Skilled Proctor Pool 

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Case Study

Client Background
  • The client has requirements for remote proctors to monitor various examinations

  • The client conducts exam drives for more than 2K+ candidates in a single session

  • Onboarding new proctors is a time taking process and requires lot of bandwidth

  • The client is very sensitive to the quality of proctors to ensure no malpractice cases are observed during the exam drive

  • Coordinating with proctor pool and getting them activated during drives is challenging

  • OkayGo screens the proctors based on stringent screening criteria defined by the client, and those who get selected are included in the final active pool

  • The selected proctors are trained and aligned to monitor the candidates virtually 

  • 30% of the candidates are found to be involved in malpractice cases and not following the exam instructions

  • This data enables the client to address non-compliant candidates

Client Pain Points

High Operational Costs

Maintaining an in house proctor team incurs significant costs, from salaries to training

Performance Monitoring

Assessing and enhancing proctor performance is resource-intensive


Coordinating proctors across different time zones can be challenging, especially if you operate on a global scale

Limited reach

Deploying proctors in geographically remote or underserved areas can be challenging due to limited accessibility and infrastructure

Payment and Incentives

Managing payment processes and incentives for proctors can be complex

Data Security

Safeguarding candidates data and complying with data protection laws is paramount.

Proctoring Solutions

24/7 Availability

Provide round-the-clock proctor support, ensuring continuous service availability


Deploying a scalable proctor pool allows organizations to efficiently expand their proctoring capacity as needed, adapting to changes in business volume or complexity

Cost Efficiency

Employing cost-effective proctoring strategies and technology helps organizations optimize their resource allocation, thereby reducing unnecessary expenses

Skilled Proctors

We have a pool of 20,000+ proctors and invigilators who are proficient in exam invigilation, product knowledge, and handling candidate queries

Quality Control

Implement strict quality control measures, including real time exam drive monitoring, to maintain service quality and compliance

Real time visibility

Leveraging technology for real-time data collection and analysis provides immediate insights into proctoring progress, allowing for quicker decision-making and issue resolution

What makes OkayGo different?

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