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Case Study

Client Background
  • The client is one of the largest FMCG companies in India

  • A prominent multinational company in the FMCG sector, known for its diverse range of consumer products and global market presence

  • The client uses a specific invoice template to track transactions between distributors and retailers. The goal is to ensure that retailers consistently receive invoices using this template

  • The client also aims to determine if retailers are correctly displaying their products on rented shelves, where they pay a fee to the retailer

  • OkayGo deployed 300 auditors in 17 states and 70 cities

  • They visited retailers, recorded data in the app, and OkayGo's QC team created weekly reports

  • 30% retailers were not using the client's invoice

  • 26% did not maintain standard displays

  • This data allows the client to realize a monthly cost savings of 5 crore rupees monthly

Client Pain Points

Limited reach

Conducting audits in geographically remote or underserved areas can be challenging due to limited accessibility and infrastructure

Lack of technical platform

Lack of tech platform hinders efficiency, data management, real-time insights, and automation, causing manual, error-prone processes and inefficiencies

Quality Control

Ensuring consistent and high-quality audit standards across diverse teams and locations can be a logistical challenge

Resource Constraint

Limited personnel, time, and financial resources can hinder the thoroughness and frequency of audits

Documentation and reporting challenges

Maintaining comprehensive and accurate audit documentation while adhering to reporting deadlines can be demanding

Compliance risks

Challenges with changing regulations, data privacy, reporting accuracy, and potential legal liabilities

Auditing Solutions


Implementing scalable audit processes allows organizations to efficiently expand their audit capacity as needed, adapting to changes in business volume or complexity

Cost Efficiency

Employing cost-effective audit strategies and technology helps organizations optimize their resource allocation, reducing unnecessary expenses

Mitigated Bias

Implementing rigorous audit standards and independence measures can help mitigate bias, ensuring a more objective assessment of audit findings


Building flexibility into audit procedures enables organizations to tailor their approach to specific audit requirements, responding to unique circumstances and needs

Real time visibility

Leveraging technology for real-time data collection and analysis provides immediate insights into audit progress, allowing for quicker decision-making and issue resolution

Tech driven execution

Employing technology-driven audit tools and platforms enhances audit efficiency and accuracy, streamlining data collection, analysis, and reporting processes

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