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On-Demand Auditing by OkayGo​

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Case Study

Client Background
  • This is India's largest e-commerce company, headquartered in Bangalore, and registered in Singapore as a private limited company

  • Client desires seller base growth with limited in-house onboarding resources for assistance

  • Improve outreach, scalability, and address quality issues in the onboarding process effectively

  • Seeking solution for increased seller volume with a focus on quality control enhancement

  • OkayGo deployed 800 skilled workforces to meet the demand in 15 Indian states

  • Ongoing training and quality assurance drive substantial growth, maintaining high standards

  • In three months, OkayGo onboarded 7,000+ sellers across 21 cities in India, successfully

  • Currently available in more than 30+ cities

  • Merchants have done more than 1 Lakh + order through client portal

Client Pain Points

Resource Intensiveness

In-house onboarding requires significant resources in terms of time, manpower, and technology, which can strain the company's existing infrastructure

Expertise and Training

 Ensuring that the in-house team is well-versed in the onboarding process, including legal, compliance, and sales aspects, can be challenging


As the business grows, handling the increasing number of sellers and maintaining quality onboarding becomes a challenge

Technology and Infrastructure

Developing and maintaining the necessary technology and infrastructure for seamless onboarding is a significant pain point

Time Constraints

In-house onboarding can be time-consuming, delaying the time it takes to get partners actively contributing to the business

Quality Control

Ensuring consistent and high-quality onboarding can be challenging when handled in-house, risking potential errors or inconsistencies

Auditing Solutions

Flexible Workforce

Implementing scalable audit processes allows organizations to efficiently expand their audit capacity as needed, adapting to changes in business volume or complexity


Employing cost-effective audit strategies and technology helps organizations optimize their resource allocation, reducing unnecessary expenses

Specialized Skills

Implementing rigorous audit standards and independence measures can help mitigate bias, ensuring a more objective assessment of audit findings

Diverse Talent Pool

Building flexibility into audit procedures enables organizations to tailor their approach to specific audit requirements, responding to unique circumstances and needs


Leveraging technology for real-time data collection and analysis provides immediate insights into audit progress, allowing for quicker decision-making and issue resolution

Reduced Administrative Burden

Employing technology-driven audit tools and platforms enhances audit efficiency and accuracy, streamlining data collection, analysis, and reporting processes

What makes OkayGo different?

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