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OkayGo 2023 Recap

In 2023, OkayGo achieved significant milestones. Gig workers executed 60 Lac unique tasks on our technology platform. Over 10% of our gig workers in 2023 were female. We gave 10x more remote gig opportunities to our gig workforce in 2023 and are proud that we increased average gig worker earnings by 20% compared to that in 2022. We provided end-to-end task fulfillment services to 33 large enterprises in 2023. The most popular task fulfillment services were Auditing, Last-Mile Delivery, Proctoring, Invigilation, and Address Verification.

Tasks Done by OkayGo Gig Workers

We saw 60 lac tasks done by gig workers on our platform in 2023. This was 60% more than the tasks done in 2022.

A Much Larger Gig Worker Network

Around 60,000+ gig workers were selected for tasks on our platform in 2023. This is 23% higher than the number of gig workers in 2022.

Significant Growth in Tier 2 and Tier 3 Towns

Our task execution capabilities expanded to many more cities and towns in 2023. We saw our geographical presence in tier 2 and tier 3 towns increase by 70% in 2023 compared to that in 2022.

Growth of Remote Gig Workers

We saw a significant growth in gig workers who work remotely and provided gig opportunities to almost 3,000 such gig workers in 2023, a 10x jump from 2022.

Increased Gender Diversity in Gig Workforce

We saw a 300% increase in female gig workers at OkayGo in 2023. Females accounted for 10% of our total gig workforce, up from just a 0.5% in 2022.

Gig Worker Earnings Grew by 20%

We improved the average earnings of gig workers on our platform by 20% in 2023 as compared to the earnings in 2022.

Large Enterprise Focus

In 2023, OkayGo became extremely focused on providing high-quality task fulfillment services to large enterprises.* We added 28 large enterprises to our portfolio in the last 1 year.

Most Popular Gig Opportunities

We saw a significant demand of gig workers in Last-Mile Delivery, Business Development, Proctoring, Address Verification and Auditing roles in 2023.

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